Escorts story

My partner is making me angry now. It was his idea that I get started in this business. I had been cool with it. Scrap that. Cool is not the right term. I was hot for it.

Las Vegas escorts are extremely adventurous when it comes to sex. Experimenting is one area that the two of us enjoy. We’d have threesomes; sometimes our guest was a woman (lucky him! lucky me!), sometimes it was a boy (lucky me!). Since we are always eager for much more, it has been more than once that we had a good time with lovers, gay and straight alike. We can’t help but have sex a whole lot since it is so entertaining! We’re always cool when we lusted after another individual. We may have a one night stand with the hot guy or girl but that doesn’t ruin our romantic relationship. We are in a open relationship. We are loyal to each other.

So, I must say I don’t know just what got to him. He is actually being jealous of me sleeping with other men all of a sudden. What the hell?

Okay, okay. Perhaps I’m showing too much liking for my work. When he suggested that I try it out as a Toronto escort, I had been excited with the idea. What i’m saying is, imagine a girl who really likes sex getting paid for it. I’m such a natural in my work that cash rolls in effortlessly. Every single day, when I go to work, I wet my panties simply thinking of those naughty men who’d have me. Lust is really a beautiful thing. If you want me, I’m halfway there with you. I go wild whenever a man starts to caress me.

You get to know someone really well if you have sex with them. Not every two people may connect as each of them may have diverse interests. Well, everyone likes sex, right? So there, instant connection. I’d a client who happened to be my high school sweetheart just the other day. I had to visit a hotel which was near to my house under my boss’s orders. The room number had been 312. He opened the door and saw me, almost 10 years later. Boy, was he shocked. My underwear went wet when I discovered it was him who has opened the door. It was great to see him and I felt pleased because I knew I was going to have sex with him!

I wasted no time and climbed on him, unbuckling his belt and trying to get him down to his underwear. He turned me off a little by trying to stop me. I guess he has yet to recover from the shock of seeing me. I really don’t know what he was expecting. We had been our school’s coolest and craziest couple. And in those days, I was just getting started.

I quickly slipped out of my dress and was having his hard penis in my mouth. I remember how he loved when I did that. When I believed that he was already super fired up, I put him inside me and rode him until we came. Sex with him was really satisfying! I remember when we used to do it just like that in his car!

After paying me, he treated me a few glasses of beer in the hotel bar. It was great catching up with him.

Okay, wait, now I get all the jealousy. Oh well. Men, you can’t live with them, you can’t do without them. I guess, I’ll have to assure him it was just work and woo him with marathon blowjobs. LOL!