Is My Dirty Mind Considered Cheating?

Since I was in my twenty something, I have always wondered why I could not have an orgasm just by having regular sex. Usually it was only going to happen by oral or masturbation. I learned recently that I am not the only one. Getting together with a bunch of my best girlfriends over cocktails, I discovered that it is actually common amongst women. One friend particular, I will call her Judy (not her real name) asked me if I felt if she was cheating on he husband if she pictured sexual acts with other people in her mind to get off. Believe me, this caused quite the stir among my group. Some thought yes but majority says NO WAY!

I see it this way- if you need to visualize to get off, by all means…DO IT and DO IT OFTEN! To not get off would lead me to tears and major sadness! Most of my girlfriend’s are like me, they love sex. It feels good to feel so satisfied leading to what I call my “orgasmic fog”!

Later on that night, I went home and dialed a friend (my FWB) to make this a social experiment. I had glorious unadulterated sex but this time, instead of my normal tricks to get off, I visualized a steamy sex scene I saw in a porno with 2 hot chicks and a smoking hot man. At first, I was getting lost in thoughts and lost my rhythm but once I got the hang of multitasking sex, I discovered that maybe I was more of a visual creature than I had thought before. I realized that my mind was in control of what I was feeling down below and ultimitly in the end- I was actually able to have an orgasm by regular missionary position- that’s right, I said missionary! Trust me I am just as shocked as you are reading this! I suggest all woman give it a try. So when I was done, I told my FWB about my experiment, he laughed (he is such a good sport) he had no idea what I was doing but it turned out to be better sex for him as well. So, I say that is a WIN WIN for everyone involved.

Now I’m off to tell the girls of my exciting experiment and how it went and to assure my friend Judy- a dirty mind is not considered cheating, its necessary to having amazing sex for years to come! So girls- visualize away and have fun doing it!

…and tell me- what do you visualize?