Sex tips

The teenage boy’s unwavering access to the internet brings previously unthinkable challenges to the table. With a limitless amount of pornography and other means of pleasure at his disposal, new risks are posed everyday.

First and foremost, porn rarely demonstrates “real” sex to the viewer. Often times, actors portray characters that satisfy the male audience, and perform sexual acts directed towards their pleasure. In fact, the “For Women” section on is one of the least populated subcategories, and are usually videos with the least amount of production value.

This is the stem of most, if not all problems with pornography. A male dominated industry that only gratifies the sexual encounters of men.

When young boys discover this seemingly incredible hub on the internet, usually around the age of 12 or 13, they believe they have found a pot of gold. They continue to watch at an accelerating pace as they grow, which ultimately leads to their boredom with simple, basic sex.

Here is where they begin to search for more aggressive types of sex to get themselves off, more intense varieties to satisfy their desires.

What happens when this is no longer enough? When the instant gratification of climaxing while staring at a screen is no longer fulfilling? Here, consciously or otherwise, these young boys begin to feel that they are worthy of ejaculation, regardless of the means of achieving it. They begin to see real life women as mere objects or actresses as they do on their screen, and detach emotion from gaining sexual pleasure from them.

With this, males have reported trouble performing in actual human interaction after only ever doing so by means of the internet. It is overall this detachment of emotion we see that is leading to performance disorders.