The Frankenstein Lover

One week, two dates, and three cancels. No one will dare call what we had significant.

Yet I can’t quiet get over this person I’ve meet four months ago, maybe because he’s only five subway stops away.

Or because he sold me on what we could have been. But I also bought him up before I ever got to know him. I was convinced that he was a collection of lovers past, wrapped in one lean fair-skinned Korean physicist turned developer. The language in his profile reminded me of my college best friend turned soulmate. He has the spontaneous nature of an addictive fling. He looked a lot like a popular art student from school, the impossible crush.

As adults, whenever we encounter something new, store it based by forming connections to what we already know. Can we ever truly conceptualize novel notion, free of context and connections to pre-existing ideas?

Do you ever think that you no longer connect with people for who they are but can only see them for who they resemble?